Health insurance that your people actually want.

Give your employees greater decision-making control over their health insurance, while at the same time saving your business 20-30% in costs. 

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Venteur is an AI-powered platform that...

Enables Employers

to provide health insurance to their staff at a fraction of the costs of a traditional health plan

Empowers Individuals

to have greater choice and control over their health insurance

Engages Brokers

to provide expert knowledge and help with choosing the right plan

We are helping build a modern workplace – beginning with benefits.

Traditional group plans are difficult to research, expensive to administer, one-size-fits-all, restrictive, and unpredictable.  

Venteur’s Individual Contribution HRA ("ICHRA") is a tax-free alternative to group health which helps employers attract and retain full-time and part-time talent regardless of where they are while simplifying health benefits for everyone. ICHRA plans can eliminate up to 30% of a company’s healthcare costs!

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Gaps in health coverage shouldn't exist.

401(k)s don't get left behind with employers, so why should health insurance? Whether they are a W2, 1099, or something else, employees shouldn’t need to shop for a new doctor or change prescriptions to take their careers to new heights.

Health benefits are complex and manual research is cumbersome. But, after answering a few simple questions, employees can use Venteur’s data model to find the right insurance plan for their healthcare needs and their financial behavior.  Think of us as the Wealthfront of health insurance.

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We pair expertise and technology to provide better outcomes.

And while Technology can take out the guesswork, clients still want an expert available to guide them. Venteur works with trusted brokers to reduce the guesswork of signing up for insurance.

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Venteur believes that financial freedom starts with access to health insurance.

No one should face debt because of one medical emergency. We are working to create a healthcare system that decouples physical from financial health and allows individuals and families to pursue their dream lifestyle.

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