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We’re on a mission to achieve health equity together

At Venteur, we believe that we can redefine the way health benefits are delivered to individuals, because all people deserve to live their best lives.

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Founded in 2021, Venteur is dedicated to helping all individuals find high-quality health benefits.

For sibling co-founders, Stacy and Tim Edgar, this mission is personal. Growing up, Stacy and Tim’s parents left full-time employment to pursue their dream of starting a business. But shortly after launching their business, their dad got sick. The problem was that the family had no other option but to rely on a small business health plan that was higher in cost and lower in coverage than the big company benefits plan that the family had left behind. As a result, health care costs became a lifelong burden for their family.

A generation later, not much has changed. The safety nets available to small businesses remain expensive, inadequate, and confusing.

It’s time for that to change!

Our goal is to build a better benefits system, one that provides the coverage you want at a price point you can actually afford. And we’ll help you every step of the way to make informed choices based on your needs.

Take a look at our view on the state of healthcare today and where it's headed

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