Work is changing.
Health benefits should too.

Venteur helps employers provide cheaper and employee-individualized health benefits with our employee-focused ICHRA platform.


Finding the right insurance plan for a company is hard.

Most companies choose a plan that is either too expensive or provides insufficient coverage, and a plan’s network and prices can widely change from year to year.

As a result, many start-ups and small businesses cannot provide health insurance, and many large businesses hire large benefit management teams.

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Venteur’s ICHRA solution eliminates these frustrations:

Provide your employees with choice

Employees can now use pre-tax dollars to purchase their own plans and can leverage Venteur’s data-backed recommendation engine and insurance brokers to identify the right plans for their healthcare needs and risk tolerance and accurately budget for healthcare costs and emergencies.

Control Costs.

Administering an ICHRA plan is easy and eliminates the need for a large benefits team. With a click of a few buttons, you can onboard new employees, approve qualifying expenses, and generate all the necessary tax reports. As a result, ICHRA plans can reduce insurance costs by up to 30%.

Attract and retain talent.

Companies of all sizes—but especially start-ups and small businesses--can use Venteur’s ICHRA to reduce turnover by paying for the health insurance costs of their full-time and part-time employees.

Create the workforce of the future.

Today’s employer-based benefits are expensive to administer and not set up to a workforce that’s increasingly remote
and self-employed. Venteur’s ICHRA solution allows you to stay ahead of the curve and manage a changing workforce.

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