ICHRA Advantages

A Better Solution for All Companies

A Unique Approach to Health Insurance

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) insurance plans allow employers to reimburse their workers for individual health insurance with high limits and lots of flexibility in plan design.

No One-Size Fits All Plan

With traditional group insurance plans, employees are limited to whatever options the employer decides to sponsor. But with ICHRA, employees have a lot more options and the employer retains more control over costs.

An Easy, Intuitive Process

Employers design their perfect plan based on goals and data. Designing includes identifying eligible employees and creating reimbursement limits. Employees purchase their individual plans and submit claims, and employers reimburse them. It’s that easy.

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Venteur provides the ideal ICHRA solution to meet your company’s needs

Easy to Use

Get up and running quickly with all the pre-built integrations to make onboarding seamless.

Free Up Time

With our payroll, email, and other integrations, you save time on benefits management by allowing the tool to do it for you.

Ability to Scale

We’re able to scale as you do. Our flexible services are customized to your needs and we can pivot when your business grows.

Control Costs

With ICHRA solutions, you give your employees more plan options to choose from while controlling your benefits costs. Companies can see up to 30% in savings with Venteur.

Always be Supported

Get ongoing support for employers and employees implementing the plan, choosing the right option, and administration. Our modern system is easy to use so there isn’t a big learning curve.

Retain Top Talent

Venteur helps employers stand apart from competitors. In a time when employees are rethinking their careers, stay relevant and keep people on the payroll with better, more valuable benefits programs.

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