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For many Americans, choosing the right health insurance plan is the most important financial decision they’ll make all year.

Venteur’s ICHRA allows employees the flexibility to choose their own health insurance plan. But choosing the right plan can be confusing and overwhelming.

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HMO or PPO? HSA or no HSA? Bronze or Platinum? Venteur will help you understand the pros and cons of the various options we recommend so you can find the right plan for you and your family.

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Our predictive model will help forecast your total healthcare expenditures under different healthcare plans so you can make sure you have enough money in the bank for a rainy day (or a broken arm)

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Venteur’s trusted brokers are ready to answer questions you may have about your options.

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Venteur’s ICHRA platform makes it easy for employers to reimburse you for healthcare costs

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An ICHRA allows you to keep your health insurance even if you switch jobs or move.

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